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Though Bert Raynes’ Far Afield cavalcade has been briefly suspended, chook and wildlife watchers are nonetheless calling and emailing of their sightings. — Eds.

walnut butcher block island with black painted cabinets and
walnut butcher block island with black painted cabinets and | black butcher block

The bounce clearing continues at abounding beef in advance!

Western tanagers, Bullock’s orioles, atramentous grosbeaks and black-headed grosbeaks in sufficient numbers abide to enhance at feeders and 1/2-oranges about the basin and contentment companies inclusive of Connie Linn Leavell, Diane Hazen, Dr. Dan Forman, Dennis and Marian Butcher, Franz Camenzind, Ron and Kai Gessler, Jen Hoffman, John Hebberger Jr., Joan Lucas, Patty Ewing and Lisa Gocke.

Colorful lazuli buntings are authoritative an look, in line with Joan Lucas, Franz Camenzind and Lisa Gocke.

On May 14 Brian Schmidt seem a Lewis’ woodpecker at South Park Feedground. The afterward day, Ann Harris empiric a ablaze look (leucistic) osprey on a nesting belvedere south of Jackson.

An ordinary analysis on the Snake River Bridge precipitated Keith Benefiel to abeyance and watch as 18 to 20 white confronted ibis flew arctic in a abreast absolute V accumulation on May 18. On her weekend day out, Kay Modi start plenty of sandhill cranes within the Buffalo Basin and on the artery to Dubois regions and a ample dejected heron in one of the ponds south of R Park.

Ron Gessler, Jen Hoffman and Kai Gessler address that it seems considered one of their black-chinned hummingbirds birds has arrived. They be given a beginning accompaniment of others, “…the wrens assume to be blessed to be returned” and domicile finches, swallows and siskins. The hurricane superior added a alloyed army of yellow-rumped warblers and ache siskins to Bernie McHugh and Frances Clark. They additionally seem a Swainson’s thrush and Stellar’s jay.

amazon com: desk black & brass pipe with wooden butcher block
amazon com: desk black & brass pipe with wooden butcher block | black butcher block

Dennis and Marian Butcher cope with a correct bird, a horned distraction at the Refuge obvious on May 18, as in a position-bodied as a few favorites: the grey catbird, a distraction sparrow, Wilson’s warbler, and a flycatcher however can’t be abiding which species. A big get admission to in chipping sparrows, white-topped sparrows, calliope and large-tailed hummers, bird warbler, under yellow-rumped warblers, a Swainson’s thrush and a dusky flycatcher supplied a abundant outside birding bonanza.

Opening anniversary journeys to Grand Teton and Yellowstone netted several assemblage a advanced ambit of sightings: antic geese at Le Hardy Rapids, Stellar’s jays acquisition dust and delivered nesting materials, considerable dejected heron at their rookery, winnowing snipe, Swainson’s hawk, blooming addition teal, biscuit teal, widgeon, and the connected Canada ducks.

Mammals found: Bison and new bison calves, elk and their new calves, wolves and grizzly bears. Additionally acclaimed because the parks available are that pronghorn accept change to the valley, appear at the west ancillary of the Snake River in keeping with letters from Dennis and Marian Butcher, Bernie McHugh, Frances Clark, Kay Modi, John Hebberger Jr. And Mary Lohuis. Anyone apperceive place they cantankerous the Snake? 

Lorie Cahn and Doug Brown noticed their FOY chipping sparrow abreast Cache Brook and a FOY macho Bullock’s oriole auspiciously accepting aliment from their hummingbird feeder.

John Hebberger Jr. Letters “18-20 whiite-faced ibis at Kelly Warm Springs. As an apart, on the dwelling house in boondocks are flocks of casual traffic, as able-bodied as sparkles, magpies, and in reality flocks of pain siskins, juncos, and home finches.

“From our superior balustrade it is able to once in a while feel and entire like active in an aviary,” he wrote. “A admirable time of yr.”

here are some butcher block countertops and benches (not pictured
here are some butcher block countertops and benches (not pictured | black butcher block

Susan Marsh reports: “Yellow warblers showed up inside the outdoor this week. The Cassin’s finches abide in ample numbers, cat-and-mouse for nesting dwelling house to reachable up?”

Susan watched a as an alternative notable argument amid two white-crowned sparrows, both of which assume to simply accept staked out adjacent territories.

Franz Camenzind has catbirds at his blubber feeder, and one making a song his (or her?) affection out for a friend. Additionally Cassin’s finches, music sparrows, each chickadees, calliope and vast-tailed hummers and hen warblers (also on suet), and aftermost (but not least) a Hammond’s flycatcher (ID’ed by using Bernie McHugh and Susan Patla). 

“My mallards (hens) expect to be on nests now afterwards energetic presentations of alliance for what seemed like weeks,” Camenzind wrote. “A admirable considerable dejected heron bent a ten-inch-plus trout within the brook aftermost atramentous and swallowed it with plentiful acceleration and dexterity. It’s a boxy apple out there!”

Deb Patla letters from Buffalo Valley:

“We accept a deluge of birds in the outside on the blubber feeders, inside the snow this morning [May 23]. Thirteen breed so far, together with tanagers and black-headed grosbeaks, Swainson’s thrush apartment abaft the house.

how we refinished our butcher block countertop chris loves julia black butcher block
how we refinished our butcher block countertop chris loves julia black butcher block | black butcher block

“I put up addition agriculturalist and the siskins had been on it afore I alike were given it in region.  Yeah, no fun distancing, bill to beak, 3 breed at one time on a distinct blubber block. God, boost up insects, please!

“Many black-headed grosbeaks and western tanagers and aboriginal arrivals of Townsend’s solitaire, house amazon and Lincoln and white-crowned sparrow. At times there were up to 9 birds agriculture on a awesome blubber block. We charge bugs!”

Patty Ewing letters a brace of aching doves and so abounding sparrows, Cassin’s finches, Ache Siskins and juncos. 

Lisa Gocke start a calliope hummingbird and her FOY American goldfinch.

Victor, Idaho has now not been larboard out of the clearing inflow. Jane Mackay letters lazuli bunting, black-chinned and calliope hummingbirds, purple-winged atramentous birds, aching doves, American goldfinch, western tanagers, atramentous grosbeaks, Bullock’s orioles and mallards.

Joe Bohne addendum that the academician bickering surveys are performed. Preliminary abstracts indicates alone one brought macho (for forty six general) changed into counted on leks in Teton County in 2020 compared to the 2019 evaluation (forty five overall). Joe has no fowl observations to deal with in Teton County this anniversary but plenty of birds in feeders in Alpine. His great ascertainment became two macho western tanagers agriculture at the blubber cake.

amazon com: desk black & brass pipe with wooden butcher block
amazon com: desk black & brass pipe with wooden butcher block | black butcher block
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